Fiction and Mystery

Lucinda Riley is one of our most circulated authors. Lucinda has several stand alone novels as well as this great Seven Sisters series.

This new Kate Grenville is just in. She is one of Australia’s best-known authors. Our library also has 2 other novels by Kate- “The Secret River” and “Sarah Thornhill”. You won’t be disappointed.

Kristin Harmel is a very popular American historical fiction writer. Her emotional and dramatic stories spotlight WW2 French Resistance figures. If you love Kristin Harmel novels try: Julia Kelly, Pam Jenoff, Kate Quinn, Melanie Benjamin, Mandy Robotham, Jennifer Robson, Kate Morton.

Pam Jenoff an American writer of historical fiction, focusing on WW2. Mandy Robotham is a British writer of historical fiction.

Margot Livesey is a Scottish born writer living in the US. Her newest novel “The Boy in the Field” is a psychological drama that follows in the lives of 3 siblings in the wake of a violent crime.

More intriguing wartime fiction by Stephanie Dray, Jenny Lecoat, Ariel Lawhon and Kristin Beck.

We have many Indigenous themed novels– try these authors… Louise Erdrich, Sherman Alexie, Richard Wagamese, Joseph Boyden, Doris Pilkington, Thomas King, Tanya Tagaq, Waubgeshig Rice, Katherena Vermette, Eden Robinson, Tracey Lindberg, Cherie Dimaline

Are you in Love with everything Paris?

Try these novels if you want to arm chair travel to the beautiful City of Lights.

Julia Kelly is an international best selling author of sweeping WW2 novels about extraordinary women, told from the British Home Front.

Santa Montefiore is a British historical novelist. “The Beekeeper’s Daughter” is a book of love, tragedy and secrets that spans decades. We also have her books “The French Gardener” and “The Temptation of Gracie”.

Corban Addison is an American writer who is most passionate about storytelling, human rights and world culture. His novel “The Tears of Dark Water” takes you on an emotional journey from Washington DC to the lawless coast of Somalia.

Jonny Appleseed is the most recent Winner of Canada Reads. We have the new Mary Lawson– her novels are fantastic- we have several in our library! This Michael Christie is an older novel, but we loved his new one so much- “Greenwood”, that we just had to find more of his books!

New Canadian Fiction! Toronto writer Gil Adamson is a critically acclaimed novelist in both North America and abroad. Helen Humphreys is an Ontario author- we have several of her novels and they are worth the read! Camilla Gibb lives in Toronto- she might be best known for her novel “Sweetness in the Belly”- too good to miss.

Thomas King is a favourite in our library. He is a US born-Canadian writer. He is described as one of the finest contemporary Aboriginal writers in N. America. We have many of his novels, as well as his mystery series- Dreadful Water Mysteries.

Some prolific writers that mystery fans love to read.

An eclectic mix of new books to add to your list.

If you haven’t read any Kate Quinn novels, you don’t know what you’re missing! Kate is a history buff and focuses on WW1 and WW2 in these 3 novels. Start with The Alice Network– so good.

Nadia Hashimi is such a great writer- her novels take you to the struggles in Afghanistan. You will find 4 of her novels in our library. Paulette Jiles is a local favourite, a US born writer who spent several years living in Canada’s far north- she even spent 2 years teaching in Nelson BC.

Eden Robinson is a popular Canadian Indigenous author. Trickster Drift is the second of a trilogy. Cathy Marie Buchanan is a Toronto writer who has found much success – Daughter of Black Lake is her third novel. The Erratics is a first novel for V.L. Harvie– She is Canadian by birth, but now lives in Australia. This novel is a story of her life growing up in rural Alberta.

This is a four book series by Canadian George Mercer. George worked for years as a park warden and wildlife specialist in several Canadian parks. This is a fun series to breeze through- full of colourful characters and beautiful locations.

Ian Hamilton is a Canadian writer, best known for his Ava Lee mystery series. Bonnie Jack is his first stand alone novel about a search for lost family and the cost of keeping secrets.

Richard Wagamese is so good and he’s Canadian- we have many of his books! Will Ferguson is a Canadian writer- always interesting and he really makes you think. F. Backman– another stunner by this guy- try his novels if you haven’t already! Jane Johnson is always entertaining- we have many of her books and we love them all. Shana Lambert is a BC writer- Petra is a story of real life Petra Kelly, the Green Party Leader in Germany in the 80’s.

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